2018 Weekly & YTD AAC Results


Week 10

My 3 official plays for this week went 2-1 however yet again, the Best Bet of the weekend missed making it a small (-0.20u) loss for the weekend.

As expected Temple were definitely up and about for the game against UCF and actually lead 34-28 at Half Time.  UCF were just too classy (and a bit of fatigue probably kicked in for Temple as well) in the 2nd half outscoring Temple 24-6 to run away 52-40 victors and thanks to the FG they kicked in the last 2 minutes, managed to cover the -11 by the barest of margins.

Again, as expected the Memphis v ECU game was high scoring but Memphis were just too good and with a huge 21-7 last quarter managed to win 59-41 and cover the -13.5.

Unfortunately my Best Bet of the weekend (USF -6.5) was a complete flop.  USF have really gone off the boil in the last few weeks and Tulane too full advantage in the first half and lead 27-3 at the main break.  They ended up going on to win 41-15 in what was a really strong road victory for them.

Cincinnati and Navy played out a low scoring (under 49 points) game as I thought they might, however Navy were never in it and Cincinnati blew them away 42-0.  I know I’ve said it before but Navy the biggest disappointment this season in the AAC by far for me.

Tulsa managed to cover the points start against the woeful UConn, however it turned into a bit higher scoring game than I thought it might with Tulsa running out 49-19 victors.

I didn’t play anything in the last game of the weekend (SMU v Houston) as I felt there were too many unanswered questions and too many uncertainties.  I’m glad I didn’t because it certainly didn’t play out the way I thought it might.  SMU were strong at home and jumped out to a 31-14 lead at half time.  Houston tried to mount a comeback but it was all too little too late and SMU held on for a 45-31 victory.

With only a few games left for each team, the next few weeks will be very interesting.  Teams at the top will be starting to look towards possible Bowl Games and teams further down could already be looking towards next year.  Hopefully we can still find a winner or two!

Week 10 Predictions went 2-1-0 for -0.20u

Best Bet didn’t win.


Predictions 23-22-2 -4.78u

Best Bets 3-7-0 -8.60u


Week 9

Unfortunately couldn’t back a good week last week with another in Week 9 going 2 from 4 but the best of the weekend went down meaning a -1.2u weekend.

Houston and USF (Under 75) turned into a total blow out with Houston winning 57-36… the most points USF have allowed all season.

SMU (+8.5) pushed Cincinnati all the way and went down 26-20 in OT for a winner.

My other winner for the weekend was Tulsa and Tulane (Under 48.5), who played a low scoring game in which Tulane scraped home 24-17 thanks only to a 10-0 4th quarter.

My best of the weekend (ND v Navy Under 52.5) was again more of a shoot out than I anticipated.  At half time ND lead 27-0 and I hoped that they would just look to play the 2nd half out and keep Navy at bay – but a combined 39 points in the 2nd half completely blew that out of the water (pardon the pun).

Unfortunately I’ve had a few personal things to take care of this week but still hope to have some plays up for Week 10 over the next day or so.

Week 9 Predictions went 2-2-0 for -1.20u

Best Bet didn’t win.


Predictions 21-21-2 -4.58u

Best Bets 3-6-0 -6.60u


Week 8

After back to back to back weeks with small losses, a successful week was just what was required!  Unfortunately the weekend kicked off with a loss, with OT not even enough to help Temple and Cincinnati score Over 48.5 points with Temple getting home 24-17.  Luckily that was the only loss for the weekend though!

Tulsa’s road woes continued with a 23-0 loss to Arkansas (-7).  SMU (+7 and best bet of the weekend) actually managed to beat Tulane outright 27-23 with a late TD.  It took UCF (-21.5) a while to get going but they managed to outscore ECU 37-7 after quarter time to run out 37-10 winners.  Lastly, UConn managed to put up a lot more points than I expected, however still went down 38-30 to USF for the Under 69 to collect… just!

After a good week hopefully can back it up again next week and keep it going!

Week 8 Predictions went 4-1-0 for +3.50u

Best Bet won √


Predictions 19-19-2 -3.38u

Best Bets 3-5-0 -4.60u


Week 7

Third consecutive small losing weekend for me in the AAC.  It started well with a low scoring tight tussle between USF and Tulsa playing out as I anticipated.  Whilst UCF kept Memphis scoreless in the 2nd half, they just had too many points on the board by Half Time and UCF needed a TD in the last couple of minutes just to secure the win – unfortunately it wasn’t enough to cover the -4.5 line.  Navy and Temple was a close game pretty much from start to finish and I got the push at +7 on Navy – well done to those who managed to grab +7.5 and collect for the win!

Week 7 Predictions went 1-1-1 for -1.09u

Best Bet didn’t win


Predictions 15-18-2 -6.88u

Best Bets 2-5-0 -6.40u


Week 6

You would think half way through the season that it would get easier to read teams and form lines….. unfortunately Week 6 saw another small loss on the week for me.  Houston (which was my best of the weekend) had a horrible first 3 quarters and still only missed covering the -17.5 point line by 3 points.  Cincinnati (-7) and UCF (Under 73) games both went to plan which was nice.  Unfortunately I wore a push on the Temple (Over 55) bet and a loss on the Under 71 in the USF game (which turned into a total shoot out!)

Week 6 Predictions went 2-2-1 for -1.20u

Best Bet didn’t win


Predictions 14-17-1 -5.79u

Best Bets 2-4-0 -4.40u


Week 5

With the small card and only 3 bets for the weekend I had really high hopes of going 3 from 3.  Unfortunately the Memphis offense completely failed to fire against Tulane and the Overs (and my best bet of the weekend) missed by 2!!!  UCF and Temple both covered however to make it 2 from 3 and a very small loss on the weekend.

Week 5 Predictions went 2-1-0 for -0.20u

Best Bet didn’t win


Predictions 12-15-0 -4.59u

Best Bets 2-3-0 -2.40u


Week 4

It took until Week 4 but I’ve finally had a winning week which was helped by both my 2u bet on UCF -13.5 and 1.5u bet on Temple -7 covering.  Looking to back it up again this week and get a bit of a roll on!

Week 4 Predictions went 3-2-0 for +2.05u

Best Bet won √


Predictions 10-14-0 -4.39u

Best Bets 2-2-0 -0.40u


Week 3

Another week which started so positively (was 3 from 3 with Memphis covering, Temple covering and winning outright and UAB winning outright) but ended poorly with Michigan failing to cover and Houston and Tulsa both going down in their respective games.  In the only other game which I managed to get a preview up for (due to a couple of cancellations with Hurricane Florence and a couple of others which lines/totals weren’t posted in time) Illinois looked all but home against USF until a big 18-0 4th quarter got them home 25-19.

Week 3 Predictions went 3-3-0 for -0.21u

Best Bet didn’t win


Predictions 7-12-0 -6.44u

Best Bets 1-2-0 -2.20u


Week 2

Another disappointing week unfortunately.  A few surprises for me with ECU completely blowing out UNC and the Memphis vs Navy game certainly wasn’t the high scoring shoot out I was expecting.  Shining light of the week was the final game of the weekend with my best bet (and only 2u play of the week), Boise State -33.5 against Connecticut covering and covering easily.

Week 2 Predictions went 2-6-0 for -3.55u

Best Bet won √


Predictions 4-9-0 -6.23u

Best Bets 1-1-0 -0.20u


Week 1

It was a great start to the season on Friday with both UCF covering the line and Tulane and Wake Forest battling out a low scoring game.  Unfortunately Sunday wasn’t so good with USF put the cue in the rack late and the Overs in the SMU and North Texas game only missing by 3!  We will never know the truth, but I suspected the uncertainty around the QB position for UCLA could be costly and it was.  There was very limited fire on offense and the overs was never really a chance.

Week 1 Predictions went 2-3-0 for -2.68u

Best Bet didn’t win


Predictions 2-3-0 -2.68u

Best Bets 0-1-0 -2.00u

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