What was I thinking?

CFB is BACK!!!

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved watching and betting CFB – however it’s never been with much research. It’s usually just ‘which games are on today and who else is betting what?’. Which as anyone with half a brain can tell you – is not going to work out in the long run.

This year I decided to actually spend time (it ended up being a lot more than expected) over the off season doing some research. Quickly I realised that trying to understand 130 teams plus schedules was impossible (well for a part time hack like myself anyway!).

After reading quite a few other blogs and sharing my thoughts with others, I decided to throw the name of each conference in a hat and ended up selecting the American Athletic Conference (AAC) to focus on!

Throughout the year I’ll be posting (and tracking) all my AAC tips and selections.  I’ll certainly be personally betting games from other conferences as well, however I’m really keen to see if the additional research gives me an edge in the AAC space.

Even just focusing on one conference has been near on impossible – but I’ve done what I can and am super excited about the up coming season!!

I’m always open to explaining any of my tips in more detail or discussing them in general – feel free to comment or reach out on Twitter (@MySportTips) any time.

Happy punting!



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